ECAD Photography is a brand of striking abstract imagery composed in black and white that is both intriguing & meditative. The narrative of 'Urban serenity' is a conceptual photographic theme and stimulus behind the imagery compositions. Urban Serenity is a pause in time that evokes the inner tranquility within us as we are surrounded by fascinating architecture that forms the urban metropolis.

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ECAD Gallery+Studio

Eugene Ofolie Codjoe                      Photo Courtesy of David

Eugene Ofolie Codjoe                      Photo Courtesy of David

Eugene is a relative newcomer to the profession of photography and moreso in the recent digital era, however his background involved a rewarding career in architecture as an Architectural Technologist for eminent architectural practices spanning 30 years.                                     Architecture has for decades utilized the medium of photography and as such Eugene has realised his innate qualities and appreciate his eye for a making a good photograph. As a result he has begun the process of transitioning from the drawing board to behind the camera lens with immense desire and self satisfaction. Eugene's new found status as an emerging photographer meaningfully began in 2010 with the acquisition of his first digital camera and the strong realisation of his hobby and craft for making striking imagery had merit culminating with a solo exhibition in 2012 entitled 'Urban Serenity'.                                 Eugene's architectural qualities are prevalent in his work and the term Urban Serenity is a metaphor that aptly describes his  'wonder moments' or a 'pause in time' where tranquility and solitude combine in a moment to capture the compositions portrayed on this website. Eugene's desire to share these moments as well as an opportunity for others to share a platform of discovery and test of one's self ability is the motivation behind the opening of his new venture ECAD Gallery+Studio Ltd. Eugene's ambition is that the gallery will be voyage of discovery not just for himself but for visitors and enthusiastic photographers alike.

Founded by Abstract Photographer Eugene Ofolie Codjoe in 'cool' Peckham in Sept 2017.  ECAD Gallery+Studio is a venture that combines Eugene's artistic abilities in his native profession as an Architectural Technologist and his unnerving desire to drive his abilities as a photographer to be best that he can achieve and also a test to stand up to the best in his genre of photography.                                     ECAD Gallery+Studio was formed primarily to promote his signature style of abstract photography and will also support his peripheral work as an Architectural Technologist.                                                     ECAD Gallery+Studio will also invite aficionados in the photography fraternity to promote and display their works for exhibition and sale of photography fine art.


ECAD Gallery+Studio is a new venue dedicated to the display & promotion of photography fine art. It is available to hire for private exhibition displays, seminars, networking events, portraiture shoots and special occasions.                         Located on the borders of the dynamic & diverse Peckham/ Nunhead areas close to the Bussey Building, Bellenden Road, Choumert Grove & Peckham Rye, ECAD Gallery offers an outlet for Photography Artists to display their works at good rates for targeted exposure. The main gallery space measures 40sqm with expansive wall space for solo or joint exhibitions. Flexible moveable screens are available for personalised arrangements for gallery or window prominent displays. We highly recommend a visit or email to express your interest to hire the gallery and to discuss the possibilities for quality exposure.

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ECAD Abstracts


This compelling and intriguing genre of photography Eugene regards as 'neutral' in the sense that shadows, light and geometric forms converge to form mesmeric compositions either in colour or in black + white. The compositions can either be vaguely recognisable or composed to be contemplative and engaging. The phrase that says 'where or what is that?' is precisely the response that Eugene wants his audience to say. He also wants his images to evoke a feeling of tranquility and serenity. An image that is meditative invariably 'slows down' our thought processes to evaluate the captivation and meaning behind the image. Most of the compositions have simply been composed from the serenity and beauty Eugene finds inspiring in the Urban environment. This spawned the narrative that best describes  'Urban serenity'.

'Urban Serenity'

 “The ethereal light at dawn and dusk evokes feelings of inner peace and tranquility that combine with a serene pause in time and a magical scene of the urban setting” 

Eugene Ofoile Codjoe

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ECAD Serenity Portraits

The allure and fascination behind the genre of Film Noir photography 'striking a pose' with dramatic light effects fits into the narrative behind Eugene's ECAD Abstract photography work and provides an engaging subject to capture the 'serenity' in the human face. ECAD Gallery+Studio will offer portraiture 'shoots'. 

A Serenity Portrait of friend        Richard A. Hay

A Serenity Portrait of friend      Richard A. Hay


An exciting journey begins with the inaugural opening of ECAD Gallery+Studio in Nov 2017. The ambition is to promote, sell and inspire other photographers to share a similar experience through the new destination and venue at ECAD Gallery+Studio. 


'The White Building' .......a new destination for photography artists.                                                             ECAD Gallery+Studio 71 Consort Road Peckham SE15 3SS